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Maintenance Management outsourcing maintenance and HVAC service van in front of multi-tenant office building. Maintenance Management outsourcing maintenance and HVAC service van in front of multi-tenant office building.


Get To Know… Dan Lucas

Get to know Dan Lucas, our esteemed Director of Maintenance Management!

A photo of Dan Lucas, our Director of Maintenance Management, sitting at his desk.

How to Become a Licensed HVAC Technician

One of the greatest feelings in the world is having someone thank you for your service after a job well done, and that feeling is definitely not excluded within the world of HVAC. Learn more about the journey to becoming a licensed HVAC technician.

Maintenance technician repairing a hanging heating unit in warehouse space.

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Building Maintenance

As a building owner, you want to keep everything running well for occupants and employees in your space, so you may consider the benefits between hiring an in-house maintenance technician versus an outsourced technician. Here are five benefits to outsourcing a service like maintenance.

Maintenance Management outsourcing maintenance and HVAC service van in front of multi-tenant office building.

Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Summer 

It's important to have your HVAC unit in great shape and ready to tackle the upcoming months. Whether you are completing some of these tasks yourself or working with a property maintenance team, it’s necessary to complete the following so your HVAC is running efficiently and keeping your employees cool during the hottest season of the year.

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What is Building Maintenance?

What exactly do we mean when we say that we maintain almost a million SF of office buildings? A maintenance technician works to keep your space completely safe so you do not have to worry about maintaining your equipment and can focus on issues more pertinent to you and your business.

What does commercial building maintenance for a multi-tenant office building entail?

Our Three C’s of Customer Service

We are considerate to each client, approaching each job with a smiling attitude and a friendly spirit. We know that every building is different. Industrial, office, and retail centers often require different needs, levels of support, and attention. Read about our customer-centric service model!

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Facility Upgrades & Maintenance to Consider During Pandemic-Driven Low Occupancy

With many companies still leveraging a remote work model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners can capitalize on this time to get necessary work completed. Plus, performing upgrades or maintenance during this lower occupancy period reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission between work crews and occupants.

An Exceptional Technician Celebrates 40 Years at Maintenance Management

One of the keys to providing outstanding maintenance services is experience. Nothing expands the depth and breadth of a technician’s expertise faster or more completely than on-the-job training. One of our team members can attest to that. Kevin has now been with Maintenance Management for 40 years! We recently sat down with Kevin to talk about this impressive milestone and how he got to where he is today.

4 Fundamentals of Building Maintenance

Having your commercial buildings regularly inspected and maintained by experts provides many benefits, from catching problems early and avoiding costly repairs to ensuring that your property holds its value.

Is Your Building Ready for Winter? Be Sure You Prep Properly!

Cooler autumn weather has arrived in Indiana and winter will be here before you know it. Now is the time to take action to ensure your building and the surrounding properties are ready for freezing temperatures, snow, and ice.

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6 Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repair

Sooner or later, every HVAC system needs some work. However, sitting back and waiting for a significant problem to arise isn’t a good idea. Instead, it’s crucial that building owners and operators be able to spot signs that the system needs attention. Why? There are a few reasons.

Office workers working under open HVAC duct work in Fort Wayne corporate headquarters

5 Common Reasons for Commercial HVAC Breakdowns

When an HVAC system is not operating properly, it can be a source of irritation, both for building occupants and for the building owner.Many issues can lead to inefficient system operation or even a complete breakdown. However, there are five that HVAC experts see most commonly.

Roof top unit on a downtown 8 story office building.