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Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Summer

With summer quickly approaching, it’s essential to have your HVAC unit in great shape and ready to tackle the upcoming months. Whether you are completing these tasks yourself or working with a property maintenance team, it’s necessary to complete the following so your HVAC is running efficiently and keeping your employees cool during the hottest season of the year.

In addition to keeping your building cool, a well-maintained HVAC system can help to improve the air quality in your building. HVACs allow for air to be filtered and remove any dust, pollen, or dirt that may try to make its way into your building through the air. Use the following tips to help prevent this or any other issues from happening.

Tips to Maintain Your HVAC

Change Out Filters

There is no set timeline for how often you should change the filter in your HVAC system. The time can vary depending on what type of unit you have and how often you use it. With no given timeline, it becomes important to check the filter every so often. If a filter is left unchanged and becomes clogged with dirt and dust, then the unit is forced to work a lot harder. This can lead to a higher energy bill and after a prolonged time, system failure.

Check Refrigerant 

In order for your cooling system to properly capture and release the heat, it requires the right amount of refrigerant. You or your HVAC technician should check the amount of refrigerant in your system and add the correct amount when needed. During this time it is a perfect opportunity to check for any signs of a leak or damage. 

Check Electrical Connections

When checking and cleaning your HVAC’s electrical connections, you are looking for any loose connections. Leaving connections too loose could potentially cause damage or prevent the equipment from working properly. 

Clean System Components

All moving parts within the HVAC system should be cleaned and lubricated to ensure smooth movement. The system's blower fans, evaporator coils, and control panels should all be parts that are cleaned. 

Check Thermostat

Before the summer months are in full swing, be sure to check to make sure your thermostat is functioning properly, see if its temperature settings match the actual temperature in the room. First, use a thermometer to measure the room temperature and then compare the reading with the thermostat’s temperature setting. If the difference is more than one degree, it means that the thermostat isn’t giving an accurate reading.

Get Help From the Experts 

If you don’t have the time or manpower to keep up on preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, consider hiring a property maintenance team. Bringing on a team of professionals allows you to focus on other aspects of your business and leave the maintenance to us. Call Maintenance Management to see how we can help you.