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Building Inspections & Consultations

With complex issues and many courses of action available, designing a maintenance program can get elaborate and complicated. Our building inspection & consulting experts can explain what’s relevant and help create a maintenance management program that’s ideally suited to your property and your budget.

Save time, money, and a whole lot of headaches with a maintenance program consultation from our expert technicians.

Our knowledgeable and friendly maintenance technician will thoroughly examine your property, equipment, and the building's mechanical, electrical and structural systems. After noting what works and what doesn't and why, our technician will also try to understand operation schedules, personnel, and budget issues. With a full and clear picture of everything that makes your property tick, we will then make a recommendation for the best maintenance management program for your unique property.

Our expert consultations can help you navigate the best plan of action for all aspects of your property, including HVAC, building maintenance and repair, preventative maintenance, and energy management.