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Maintenance Management technician helping client in Fort Wayne. Maintenance Management technician helping client in Fort Wayne.

Our Three C’s of Customer Service

Maintenance Management works to create the best working environment for every client.

Here at Maintenance Management, we pride ourselves in our customer service. We know that not every office worker is coincidentally an expert in HVAC systems and building maintenance, so we work to fit each client’s unique needs. We see our clients first as people, and then as customers. First impressions, rapport building, and short conversations go a long way and help make the client feel more comfortable when approaching the unknowns of commercial maintenance, especially when a client feels anxious about repairs. We are considerate to each client, approaching each job with a smiling attitude and a friendly spirit. Our goal is to make the client feel as comfortable as possible when approaching all kinds of maintenance services.

What are our main values?

Every company has its values, but Maintenance Management focuses on the customer. We work hard to make sure the customer is not only educated but also confident in our work. To us, customer comfort is achieved through effective communication and careful consideration of client backgrounds. Our three main values are this:

  • Customer comfort - We make it a point to help the customer feel better when approaching any kind of routine or preventative maintenance.
  • Communication - We thoroughly explain all the work we do and let our customers know what we work on, along with how and why we do it.
  • Consideration - We fit our work to the needs of each unique customer in order for them to feel most comfortable.

Comfort, communication, and consideration are our three goals for every client, and focusing on these values help us perform the best maintenance possible in every job.

What do these values entail?

Because of our customer-centric service model, we keep logs of customer support and service histories. Having a history of client work builds our relationships with our clients by showing notes of issues and past experiences with each client. These histories help build our relationships with clients, making it easier for us to get the job done and easier for clients to understand what we are doing.

We strive to make routine commercial building maintenance as simple as possible, which is why we have service automation. Service automation creates yearly HVAC service contracts so that building owners do not need to worry about remembering to schedule a yearly servicing appointment. Another way we make maintenance work easy for clients to deal with is our 24/7 operations with on-call technicians. A client can make an appointment anytime by either calling us or visiting our website. Simplicity makes the unknowns of maintenance much less stressful for every client.

Communication is of utmost importance to Maintenance Management. We always make sure to call our clients before arriving on site for repairs or quotes, and we also provide a specific time for arrival, so clients do not have to worry about waiting around for us to show up unannounced.

We feel it is important to let customers know exactly what maintenance we are doing, so we explain clearly and effectively the problems found in routine maintenance, along with how we plan to fix them. Clarity goes a long way in communication, as it helps clients understand the importance of problems found in regular inspections, so that they know the possible negative effects of fixing a problem later rather than now. Technicians work to create the most efficient solutions for building maintenance problems in order to best serve clients. Because our technicians are well trained, we can explain what we do much more easily for the benefit of the client.

We are also considerate of all our clients. We understand that every client is different, so we change to fit their needs rather than them fitting us. We know that every building is different as well, and industrial, office, and retail centers often have different needs and different levels of support and attention. Because of this, we always do research on the age and model of equipment to best repair or prevent problems. This also makes it easier for the client because we get the job done quicker with prepared research.

Thus, customer comfort includes keeping histories of clients and simplicity in scheduling, communication helps relieve stress from clients, and consideration of backgrounds help us do our jobs better and causes clients to worry less about spending a lot of time dealing with maintenance issues.

What are people saying?

Maintenance Management scores a 5.0 on Google Reviews. Here’s what people are saying about us:

In short, Maintenance Management wishes to please every client with our communicativeness and considerate approaches to every situation. We accomplish this by doing research on the building and client before every maintenance job and communicating what we do before, during, and after every job. All this is ultimately for the comfort of the client so that they will not have to worry about finding a different maintenance company every time they have a problem, because they always know to give us a call.

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