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What is commercial building maintenance for a multi-tenant office building? What is commercial building maintenance for a multi-tenant office building?

What is Building Maintenance?

Building Maintenance can be described as performing various tasks necessary to make sure a commercial property functions as best as it can in order to keep those using the building safe from potential hazards or problems caused by different operations, such as HVAC systems, lighting, and other building equipment. We here at Maintenance Management pride ourselves in keeping commercial spaces in tip-top shape for our local business owners.

Many business owners feel concerned about cost or unfamiliarity when thinking of outsourcing commercial building maintenance. Instead of outsourcing, they might have their own office workers do maintenance rather than a professional, which can cost time and money. It is very important to have routine checks done so that problems do not occur later. Hiring a full or part-time in-house maintenance technician can keep a commercial space even more protected from potential issues in air-conditioning, plumbing, or other parts of the building essential to function and safety.

What does a maintenance technician do exactly? Maintenance’s goal is to find and manage potential problems in a commercial building’s environment and safety procedures, in order to keep individuals regularly present in the building safe at all times. If this ultimate goal is not achieved, the unattended problems could lead to injury and sickness of employees, visitors, and tenants in the building, and even lawsuits if the problem and repercussions are large enough. Resident maintenance technicians are skilled in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and general maintenance repairs.

A maintenance technician also makes sure the commercial building is safe in its HVAC systems and in case of fire, two very important issues which can very easily get people hurt if not dealt with or checked. This includes making sure HVACs and fire safety equipment are all functioning properly. Overall, a maintenance technician works to keep your space completely safe so you do not have to worry about maintaining your equipment and can focus on issues more pertinent to you and your job. Another important aspect of the work of a maintenance technician is preventative maintenance. This includes routine inspections of various systems in order to maintain or occasionally improve the various systems involved in a building’s operation.

Specific responsibilities of an in-house maintenance technician are:

  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Emergency repairs are almost always more costly than periodic maintenance, and periodic inspections maximize equipment lifespans and reduce the risk of downtime. This results in improved safety, because damaged areas within buildings increase hazards and liabilities.

  • General Maintenance

    • This includes repairing lighting and replacing lightbulbs, allowing for the most comfortable lighting possible for occupants. A maintenance technician can also upgrade lights to more efficient LEDs and add smart motion sensors, while also handling necessary day-to-day repairs,  furniture assembly, hanging pictures, patching walls, and painting.

  • HVAC servicing

    • HVAC systems require regular checks and servicing, including filter changes and troubleshooting, as well as occasional repair.

  • Fire Safety

    • A maintenance technician services stairwell exhaust fans, checks emergency exit lights and smoke detectors to make the environment as safe as possible.

  • Building Automation

    • In order to maximize efficiency, an in-house maintenance technician can install and service occupancy and vacancy sensors, which programs both lighting and HVAC systems for when supply is needed or unneeded for optimal performance and energy savings. Building automation also includes monitoring an HVAC control center to make sure everything runs smoothly, along with temperature control so that workers and occupants receive a comfortable environment.

  • Plumbing and Electrical

    • Plumbing and electrical repairs and maintenance includes taking care of loose wires or uncovered gadgets, leaks, and occasional clogged toilets.

Sometimes, when a business owner does not have routine checks or an in-house maintenance person, repairs are needed on their building’s systems. When these problems arise, it is always wise to have a number to call so your building does not fall into disrepair nearly as quickly if the problem goes unattended for an extended time.

Outsourcing can be an unfamiliar venture sometimes if a business owner does not know much about maintenance or the local companies around, but some of the benefits of outsourcing to local maintenance companies include:

Professional Expertise

Hiring a professional maintenance technician from within the community eliminates worry that you might have to do the maintenance yourself, along with giving you peace of mind that the person performing the maintenance knows what they are doing and is willing to help take some weight off your back. This allows you to focus on other things in your business. It is safe to say that we at Maintenance Management are kind and always come willing to help those with problems, whether that be through equipment needs, building maintenance, or HVAC servicing. We can provide full and/or part-time maintenance personnel to handle all day-to-day maintenance and repair your building’s needs, keeping your premises up to date.

Quick Response Times and Connection with Clients

A local maintenance company is much more willing to connect with you as a client instead of simply wanting to get work done and leave. Having someone local come in to help you with your commercial space’s trouble can be much easier to work with because they know the area and might even be already familiar with the commercial space that you manage. This can be significantly more helpful for you because their familiarity leads to faster work and better relations with customers, so the work done suits the needs of the customer and building specifically. Speedy response times also limit possibilities of increased damages.

Opportunities for Routine and Preventative Maintenance

Because of locality, it can be much easier to get to know the maintenance technicians you have called when you need routine maintenance on your commercial property. Since you already know your maintenance workers, it makes you as a customer more comfortable to call them again. Maintenance Management prides itself on customer service. We want you to see the benefits of preventative maintenance so that your building can be the best possible space.

Therefore, building maintenance means to keep people safe, and outsourcing building maintenance, while at first may seem like a tedious task, is actually beneficial to you and your building through cost savings, increased asset lifespan, and taking pride in property ownership. Give us at Maintenance Management a call, because we are always happy to help you make your commercial space better.