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Ways to Conserve Costs for Commercial Properties

Preventative Measures to Take

Governor Halcomb’s  Stay Home order has been extended until May 1st of 2020. All businesses that are labeled as non-essential during this time are under instructions to close. For many businesses, this means that they are unable to operate as normal and will not have a steady income. During this time there are many steps building owners can take in order to save money.

Make Adjustments to the Thermostat 

By programing your building’s thermostat to be set at different temperatures depending on whether it is during work hours or not is a great way to save money anytime. Now that hours are changing for many businesses, it is important to program your thermostat to mirror your business’s operating hours. If your business will be closed for the time being then it can be set at the same temperature each day. reports that turning your thermostat lower by 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours per day will help you see an energy usage reduction of 5 to 15 percent per year on your bill.

Unplug Machinery 

If there is machinery in your building that isn’t being used during this time, unplugging it could help to reduce energy costs. For example, if fewer employees are coming in during this time maybe limit them to use one printer rather than having all of them plugged in. And if your business is one of the many that are forced to remain closed then unplugging all unnecessary machinery would be a great way to lower your electric bill. Items like microwaves, printers, computers, TVs and more can all be unplugged without harming anything.

Turning Off Lights When Not in Use

Conserving energy where you can is important when you are trying to cut down on costs. If your building remains open during this time be sure to educate your staff on the importance of turning off lights when they are not being used. Lights in restrooms, supply closets, and conference rooms don’t need to remain on throughout the entire day. Encourage your staff members to be conscious of their energy usage throughout the day.

Additional Ways to Conserve Energy

There are many other steps that can be planned for the future that will help businesses continue to save. For example, many commercial buildings are moving in the direction of becoming a “smart building.” This means their building is equipped with sensors to monitor the light, heating and cooling usage.  They also have HVAC units that work to reduce unnecessary maintenance trips to properties by sending alerts to technicians that detail the issue. Technicians are able to prioritize the issue without even having to visit the property, cutting down both time and expenses.   


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